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Helen Sander Geltman - Buffalo Creek Trading Post, #15

Artist’s Statement:

"Envision the world as you would have it to be. Now envision the steps that will take you there. Now go there…”

In 1977, while visiting my parents in New York, I took my two year old son to visit one of my favorite places- The Museum Of Natural History. While there that day, while my two year old played, I sketched the elk exhibit.  Nobody knew then that either my son and I or elk would wind up in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 

When my dad asked me to make a Christmas card, as he did every year, I turned my elk sketch into a linoleum block and my friend Cindy and I printed the cards for him, as we did every year, on the old Gutenberg presses at our old elementary school, City and Country. (It’s still there. I think the presses are, too.) 

A lifetime later a friend looked at my linoleum block and asked, “Could you print that in clay?” 

So I did. In 2011, after spending my life as a therapeutic horsemanship instructor, I enrolled in the clay program at Haywood Community College. Within a matter of weeks, while still in my first semester, my prints of my linoleum blocks in clay were selling at The Haywood County Arts Council and The Village Framer. One day I told my instructor, the late Steve Lloyd- (no, not the one from HART Theater-) that I wanted to make my elk image life size for my graduate show…

So I did. 

This, That & More 2

Roger and Doti are shop owners of This, That & More 2 located in Tanglewood Village in Shops in Maggie Valley, NC, specializing in new, used, and vintage furniture.  Roger is an artist himself as he designs and makes handcrafted furniture.  Doti enjoys seeking out vintage items around western North Carolina including jewelry and household items.  You never know what you may find in their collection - always something unique to see!  

Roger with a

 handcrafted piece

Locally made furniture

Roger and Doti